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+7 RP per Hunterboard Kill
If a Guardian player kills another Guardian or Trader he will be set as guilty + he gets -10 RP
( the one who is killing the other Trader or Guardian needs to be online )

…so does this mean, if a Guardian kills a guilty trader from the hunterboard (HB) he will get +7 RP for the HB kill and -10 RP for killing a trader? So that would be -3 RP in total, and he would become guilty too?

I am asking this question, because it would not make sense, if I understand this correctly. As in real life, good guys (traders) can become bad guys (guilty traders). Why whould then the police not be able to deal with them? Maybe some sort of curruption is going on here in the HWS Universe! :wink:
It would make much more sense to me, if there is no -RP applied to guardians when killing a guilty(!) trader.

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No you are right. That is why we changed it. Killing a guilty one does not remove RP from you.

Ok, thank you very much, RexXxus, that’s great. I like this HWS feature a lot.
And will the guardian who kills a guilty one become guilty by himself or not? (Edit: I mean if it is a trader or another guardian)

One more question please: You wrote you changed it - does that mean it will be implemented with the upcoming patch or is it implemented already?

My other questions were answered:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

A guardian team mate of mine was judged guilty yesterday…

(Sometimes I quietly consider how I would likely dive deeply into the roleplay if it were commonly accepted. I do enjoy the lawless freelancer. However, I digress…)

I find it mildly amusing that my guardian friend got judged guilty, could pay a fine, and not be guilty anymore for shooting someone. Kinda like cops in real life, eh? :smiley:


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