Question about HWS Police crime reports (Resolved)

What is the minimum required evidence for the ammo draining offense?

I ask because as a pirate I can sometime die several dozen times in a row as I try to get in position to snipe a base. Be it from on foot or in a cheep vessel.

And sometimes over half of those times can often be because I re-spawned in turret range of the base that I was trying to snip. I don’t intend to drain the ammo of the base, I’m often just shot down in the middle of the base as I do a strafing pass and don’t have a clone bay that is powered up that I can spawn at. (And resetting / starting fresh isn’t much of an option as I would lose my ready to spawn BP escape pods as well as any expensive CV BP that I would have cooking at the time).

When something like that happens, I have to spawn and jump and run away until I can get far enough away from the base I’m attacking until I’m far enough out of range to pull some fuel from OCD and spawn an sv to go back to deep space to rearm and finish the job.

My concern is that the police reports could be abused by the faction of the base that I had just wiped out (because they are mad I just took out a base and want payback).
Looking at the reports it seems all that is required is a screenshot of a section of combat logs, and no explanation of how it happened, where I either get stuck in the middle of a base or manage to avoid getting hit in a strafing run.

I find this disturbing and I need some clarification so that I can avoid such a misunderstanding.

PS: I also think there should be very severe penalties for filing false reports and even more so if the intent of the person reporting it is to grief someone.

Spawn near is a bad idea. Not having a clone bay set as home so that you can respawn there from anywhere in the game is also a bad idea.

You should never find yourself in a position where your only option is fresh start. Especially since it is such an easy thing to prevent.

Regardless of what your intentions are, if you are dying over and over it is ammo draining. A few reasons why.

1 .you don’t have to choose that ‘spawn close to death position’

2 . You can spawn back to any medbay/spawn point of yours. So just have a CV with one of those near (so be smart and make sure you have one)

3 .spawn at homebase.

4 . Restarting on starter planet does not wipe credits or anything, no level change. Basically the same outcome and when you choose spawn at current location but ofc just a different location.

In regards to false accusations. If it’s a once off np as ofc no action would have been taken so not a problem for the other player. If a player is falsely accusing others regularly they will lose rep points and have credits taken away for wasting our time :slight_smile:

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How many times are you allowed to die to a base before it counts as ammo draining? Is the rule to give up after a certain amount of deaths even if victory can still be achieved? Don’t you already lose credits/rp for dying anyways? Is the penalty for dying not enough? Why must it go further…

My faction mate Juan Cena was fined and put in jail for ammo draining after we killed a cluster of bases on the alliance moon, I didn’t die, though my ship took heavy damage, so i’m not ammo draining. But juan died a lot being a ground spotter to make sure my shots were hitting and because he died a lot is seen as ammo draining. We killed the base and looted the ammo because we didn’t drain it… we would like compensation for our member being falsely accused and falsely imprisoned.

And with these suggestion of: “you can spawn somewhere else”. May as well make the rule you can’t respawn nearby anymore because that is essentially what is being said there.

We would accept this ruling if we were intentionally ammo draining, but we were not.

Also about us (SSP) as a faction… We value integrity and while we may be pirates we like to have fun just as much as everyone else, and don’t want to ruin fun by exploiting or bending rules. We also don’t want our fun ruined just because someone got their base killed and says we broke the rules. What sense of accomplishment would we have had if we had taken that base out by just draining its ammo? How lame would that be, that is definitely not us. That kind of stuff is for ‘Traider’ type people. We are pirates, but still fair.

Put yourself in the situation of the police; someone dies a lot near a base and as a result ammo is drained.

They have no idea what your intentions are, you could be completely honest saying it’s a mistake … or just using “i had to spawn close” as an excuse to drain the guns. The result is the same … ammo is drained.

Since there are ways to spawn away from the base to avoid dying and draining the guns, the police naturally assumes the intention for dying a lot near a base is to drain the guns.

Not assuming anything in your case of course.

Please refer to my original post.

It’s doesn’t work like that. We had evidence and we actioned on that evidence. If your faction holds a great deal of integrity and rule following as a whole this should also translate to you sucking it up and learnning from this incident.

As far as we are concerned we hold no grudges and the rules bend for no one, it’s never the intent alone it’s the total outcome. Recently a truck driver checked his phone whilst driving and this caused him to not react quick enough and went into the back of a family car killing a mother and child. Do you think he woke up with the intention to kill? No. Point is you broke the law regardless of your intentions.

Accept it and move on :slight_smile:

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What exactly are we supposed to learn here? Don’t die to a base multiple times or be punished? Can you please clarify the rule? My questions above are still unanswered.

He died 35 times.

This isn’t “Oh I died a few times oops.” THIRTY FIVE TIMES.

Just stop - you’re making a fool of yourself.

The rule says killing yourself just to drain ammo, but we he was dying to spot for me, not to drain ammo. It was a tough base. Apparently though that’s the only explanation for dying a lot, is that you were draining ammo.

Ok, We will update the rules.

If common sense isn’t enough to dictate what ammo draining is, here it is black and white

Ammo draining through deaths

No of deaths at location allowed before considered ammo draining


your friend died 7 times that. post resolved.

A voice from the off:

  1. If I were Juan I would be damn sad to have this job
  2. You have the Sniper Scope to direct your targets from a very far distance (you can eat some popcorn while scoping). No need to throw pawns in there :wink:
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:slight_smile: dont know what you mean with trader vs trader XD and i dont now why you get still report a base who is totaly destroyed XD

It’s not totally destroyed, read it properly. It is wrongly catagorised though :slight_smile: