Question about PVP in PVE zones

Hi guys
I’m new to HWS and have read up the guide topics and world rules. (the guide slides cant be opened with my various gmail accounts though).

Been here a couple but would like to clarify regarding pvp in pve zones.

Is space and orbits around planets full pvp regardless of pve zones?

I am asking this before posting to ask for support because I have:

  • Lost ships in space in a perm PVE zone (Donare East, intruder logs recorded. we just got in there and decided to stay in space, while my faction finds out more about the server and rules in the forum)

  • Lost ships in a PVP cycling zone during the timeframe of the PVE cycle (Sierra Nebula orbiting Armageddon)


the slides are gone couple of month ago. Here is the guide now:

It depends and can easy answered if you press M on your keyboard and clicking through every playfield in the list.

Donare East + Sierra Nebula orbiting Armageddon is PvP.

Space is almost always PVP. I think the space around starter planets and EM is the only PVE space on NA server.

Open your map (m) and click the tab that shows all the playfields as a list. Look at the space playfields to see what they are.

All the instances you listed would be PVP space.

Edit RexXxuS is fast lol.

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Thanks for the reply! Understood now, guess we were confused when we saw it as PVE when we selected the playfields in map

Yeah it is indeed. If you klick on one icon in the sector map it is selecting one planet inside that orbit but not the orbit itself. For that you have to look in the list. This will be a lot better in 6.0 though

Understood, thanks for clearing up @Rex & @Krazzy

Edit: a topic for the guide maybe!


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