Question for a novice

Hello, being new on empyrion and wanting to play with friends, I put a server at home but forcement I have questions, the first can we optimize the restart to have the wipe deposit and poi, because even by putting it in parameter I have the impression that it does not work, I put you a print screen, I thank you in advance for your work here


are you using the full version and the server runs on the server at your home?

  • After the restart runs. In each Playfield folder of the savegame a “wipeinfo.txt” should be.
  • The wipeinfo.txt should have 2 lines with POI and Deposits or so in it.
  • Then the Playfields POI’s/Deposit’s should be wiped as soon as the playfield is loaded.
  • The wipeinfo.txt will then be deleted.

At what above mentioned point does it not work anymore?

Thank you for this quick answer, indeed the server is at home and I am in full version, in fact the game restarts without problem but the Poi and Deposit are not restored

But are the files created?

I have just checked and the file exists, but it is not necessary that the server is stopped for the poi and deposit to reload, if this is the case how to manage a correct timer for the wipe during the restart

If the fiels are created then there is no EAH problem. You would have to ask in the Empyrion Forum.
A restart means the server is stopped, so that should not be the problem.