Question: How to change player configurations and some wipe info

Hello HWS,

I am new here and wanted to ask if Trader Planet will wipe or not. If yes then when. And i saw in my player configuration that the option ‘Keep Blueprints after full wipe’ was selected at ‘No’ for me. How to turn it to yes. Will that option will not wipe my blueprints after full wipe?

Thanks in advance for helping me and creating an awesome server.

Hello Salamand3r,

first of all:

type cb:nextwipe in the faction or global chat. (comma, period). Then you know what playfield will be wiped when exactly.

Yes, Trader Planet and other starters on Wednesday 9AM

Your player card in HWS Connect says Keep Blueprint Resources to be exact. This is a donation option which means the resources from the blueprint factory will be put in your OCD during the full wipe.

The other thing which might cause confusion is “Keep Structures”. This also means that you don’t keep structures during a wipe but instead save them in case you go for vacation longer than 7 days. Then we save them magically because we have the wipe time server config of 9 days. (unvisited structures will be wiped after 9 days).

So Credits and Resources can be saved along a full wipe in couple of ways.

However in any way, without a donation you can keep stuff in your Orbital Auto Miner and OCD. This won’t be wiped.

Thanks and have fun on HWS!


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