Question on CSW

I know if you use CSW to get to other servers you can create multiple OCDs, does the same apply to Bank?

So for example if I have 500k on me and I’m on the NA server. I pull 250k into my player credits, Warp to EU and then put it in the bank there. After wipe will I keep both accounts?

You carry your “pocket money” from server to server. Bank is different on all servers (NA and EU), on SAN bank was probably destroyed by Titans, who knows its mystery so far.

No matter what server you keep 250k through wipe so yes that way you can store 500, 250 on each.

Also there are 3 separate AMs, and 2 OCDs, so its pretty good to live on all servers.
@RexXxuS please correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure its working like this Mario.

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3 OCDs.

But yes, the bank is also independent what some people already take advantage of like don’t care about donator planet taxes. Debts will become soon your biggest enemy my friendzz, you can run but never hide from the financial police!

3 OCDs?!?! :panda_face:

What what did i miss something?!? :hamster:

:hamster::hamster::hamster: Hamster mode on. Im not happy such an information was kept secret from me :smiley: :hamster::hamster::hamster: