Question on OCD

I have a question about how the donation package for keeping your blueprint factory resources works. I bought that one today, along with one of the “Keep coins after reset” packages. It appears that not all my factory resources were transferred out of the factory (I still have a small amount of remaining resources), and the bigger concern is that the resource ingots have not yet show up in my OCD. Can you let me know if there’s something specific I need to do?

Just to cover the basics, no, my OCD is not full, and I had ingot space for all ore types populated.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hey Woodchuck,

thanks again.

All “keep / wipe” packages only trigger when a full wipe acutally happens. So end october(?), with 4.0 everything will be handled.


Ahhh, that makes sense :slight_smile: After I thought about it I figured that might be the case; thanks for confirming Rex, much appreciated!