Question regarding Peackeeper

Me and my friend asked of we could have a base in Peacekeeper adm was told by RexXxus that yes we could have one there.
But when we get there and place our base we get a warning saying that we cant have a base there.
We spent a lot of resourced building that base which could instead have been used to build a CV.

So my question is this, can we or can we not have a base in Peacekeeper?
And if not, Can we get the resources refunded for the base since this seems to be a mistake by an admin telling us we could have a base there?

Sorry, really don’t remember when I said this. Only remember your friend asked if Peacekeeper is full and if you can go there. So I told, yes, please move there, not to Elemental Marketplace. That no BA is allowed in PvE Orbit is an old rule (what will change in 3.0 also).
So maybe it is a good preparation to allow it now.

What I am certain of is that we were told 1 per faction/player, but if that was in regards to a question about the base I am not entirely certain of.
Is there some way for you to check?
I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I do remember you were actually ingame at the time when asked about this.

And what about the base we placed there, can you do something about that?
As we were given warnings about it not being allowed I saw no other choice but to remove the core again so it would desapwn.
And even If I had not it would have been removed by the system eventually so it would not have mattered is I didn’t remove the core.

We are kinda in a limbo right now because of this, as in we don’t really know what to do.
I’m thinking this is a simple matter of some miscommunication, so any help you can provide would be appreciated.

We allowed 1 base per faction / player on PK1. So all good.

That’s good, but too late to save our base.
The base is already removed, can you do something about that?
Either restore the base or refund the mats?


Thanks a lot for the help, much appreciated. :smiley: