Questions about how the NPC trader works

I have a few questions about how setting up and operating a NPS trader works:

1 - How do i go about setting one up:
Are there any guidelines about how NPC-packages can be put together and what the cost should be for different things?
If for example i want to sell a package with 20 x 999 of a certain ore, who makes the call what price is “reasonable” ?

2 - Can i place the selling “station” on the surface, or does it have to be in space?

3 - After i bought the package(s), do i just build my station and let admins know about it of will they tell me when to build it?

4 - Can i change anything about the station after it’s been setup as a trade-station? Like design elements, text on signs and so on

5 - If i want to sell more than one package, do i have to build one station per package?

6 - Can i have a CV as trade-“station”

7 - I’m gonna assume here that putting boxes in the station and storing anything in those boxes is not allowed? Just out of curiosity …

Most answers (not all) are here:

Thanx, that answered all questions except how multiple traders work?

I guess i could go to Zappe’s trader and see …

They work like any other trader. They give all the perks again. The more traders you buy the more profit you’ll make because you can make more packages to suit everybody. Since Zappe set up shop I lost out on so many credits… Like 80% or so… So it must have worked.

Ok, im just curious how it works practically … do i make one station per “NPC Pack” or can i sell multiple packs from one station?

Both works (unless the admin forbids it but I doubt that). So whatever you prefer. Zappe has 1 station for all his NPC’s.

Take note though that the NPC traders might soon change in how they work (rework).

Ya, i’m not gonna start setting up traders this close to a major patch.

Its one NPC trader for each package. So i have bought 4 traders.

But as Tiny sad they are selling good. We have built a supermarket so also Smally and IkaIka has there shops in the same building.

This will ofc be larger after the wipe. I want all traders in the same market. Atleast its better for the cistomer to go to one place and shop.

It’s gonna be a “main street” with all NPC shops side by side.
I can totally see that happen! =)

If that alpha 5 could just hurry up and get here already, feels like everyone is in hibernate mode waiting for the big patch to happen …

The design is already done more or less. If you check the market place close to warp point then you can see the street.