Questions about the NPC Trader

Please tell me how many slots can be in the bag for one player. This is the law for every player? Why Number of different slots in the packets of the players? One law for all running on your servers?

The number of items for sale is determined by the person setting up the trader, together with the HWS crew.
Number of slots is kinda irrelevant anyway, the total value vs. the price is the important thing.

It makes no sense to have a packet with over 48 slots/articles for sale tho, since that’s the most anyone can receive in their backpack in one purchase. So if your looking for a limit, i guess 48.

I have 30 slots. How do I add another 18?

For changes to your NPC package: PM Rexxus with all details.

Take note that more slots most likely means: more expensive package.

I think you missed my point; It’s not how much you sell, it’s what you sell. As a matter of fact, smaller is probably better.

You can make a package with 10 items and sell 20 of those per week for 30.000 cr each, that’s more profit than selling one 500.000 cr package every week.

You donate per package you want to sell, doesn’t matter if the package is 5 items/slots or 48 items/slots … still one donation per package.