Questions On Structure Limits

Sorry if the answer to this is obvious in the Limits & Restrictions portion of the guide. If I’m doing the math right for a faction with 2 people, we could collectively have 4 SV, 4 CV, 4 BA, and 4 HV. In addition to that, we could each privately own 2 SV, 2 CV, 2 BA, and 2 HV? Is that correct?

Also I’m wondering, is it possible to substitute one structure type for another in the limits? As in, could I have 12 SV, 4 CV, and then no BA, no HV?

Thanks for any answers in advance, looking forward to returning to this server after a long break.

Hello and welcome @hookeyed

If the map info shows for example

2 Faction SV, 2 Private SV it means

  • your whole faction can only have 2 faction SVs on that planet or orbit
  • you can have 2 private SVs on the planet or orbit

But there are also global limits, just in case you will ever hit those:

substitute of structure types is not possible (yet).