4. Limits & Restrictions

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1. Structure Limits

Introduction: HWS has structure limits to grant a smooth game experience for thousands of players and to fix some gameplay-related problems not yet addressed.

1.1 Blueprint spawn restriction on HWS - Class 7

1.2 Playfield structure limits

Playfield structure limits may have higher or lower maximum class restrictions than what is shown above. Please refer to the playfield description in the lower right corner on the in-game map (press M) for information and limits specific to that particular playfield.

Also, note that the Class size is rounded and has a range. Class 3, for example, goes from 2.50 to 3.49.

Last but not least keep in mind that some playfields have specific rules and settings. For example ECC/ECC Sector:

1.3 Global structure limits


  • Left two columns: What amount of min. structures your faction can spawn globally

  • Center two columns: What factor your faction can have additionally to the left columns.

    • Example: A 3 man faction could have 2+(3*1,00) = 5 faction Bases globally (PvP and PvE).
  • Right two columns: What amount of max. private structures you can have

  • Whatever limit is the lowest (playfield limit or global limit) is the one which is active.

1.4 Seizure / Removal of Structures

In the event any of the above and/or in-game stated limits are exceeded, the server will take the following actions:

  • PvP Planets: After Two 2-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS faction (6 minutes in total after placing the structure)
    PvP Space: After Two x 3-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS faction (8 minutes in total after placing the structure)

  • PvE Planets & Space: After Five x 15-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS (90 minutes in total after placing the structure)

  • Structures set to HWS faction will be deleted in
    PvP: after 6 minutes
    PvE: after 3 days

  • Limit abuse: If you place structures with the intent that HWS will capture it to attack enemies, you will be punished.

A penalty that involves Credit and RP loss (per the buyback formula) will apply to you if it was set to private and will apply to all faction members if it was set to faction.
Check the method to buy your structures back yourself here: Structure Buy Back

Possible Punishment: Temp Ban / Perma Ban / Loss of Game Progress / Guilty / Prison

2. Server limits

2.1 6-Hour Deletion Timer for Micro-Structures

Structures consisting of less than 10 blocks or without a core are considered "‘micro-structures’. If not ‘touched’(interacted with), these structures/vehicles will be deleted by the server after 6 hours.

2.2 15-Day Deletion Timer for Not ‘Touched’ Structures.

After 15-days, a structure not ‘touched’(interacted with) will be deleted by the server. You or others must minimally ‘touch’ a structure every 15-days to avoid deletion.

  • touch means literally standing on top of the structure or walking on the blocks. HWS Structure Commander (via HWS Connect) displays the number of days since a structure was last touched. Using the Control Menu ( P ) is NOT considered touching.

2.3 If a Structure is Deleted

You may submit a support ticket on the HWS Forum — it can be likely restored for free if you report it within 3 days.
However, if it was your mistake and you repeat this mistake, it will cost you in-game credits + HWS RP as follows:

Blocks * Devices * Days not touched + Class as RP cost

We strongly encourage you to go to HWS Connect > choose your server > click on the HWS Universe Card and check all other limits there!

3. Weapon limits

(Numbers shown are the MAX allowed of each type of weapon, drill, tool, etc.)

3.1 Blueprint not Spawnable

If your blueprint is Orange or Red and not allowed on the server, it means the blueprint exceeds the server weapon(s) limit or has an outdated / illegal items.

3.2 HWS Small Vessels (SV) weapon limits

  • 6 Gatling Guns
  • 4 Rocket Launchers
  • 4 Plasma Guns
  • 4 Pulse Guns
  • 4 Rail Guns
  • 4 Rocket Launchers Homing

3.3 HWS Hover Vessels (HV) weapon limits

  • 6 T1 Drill Module
  • 6 T2 Drill Module
  • 6 Gatling Guns
  • Choose 6 Minigun Turrets
  • Choose 4 Rocket Turrets
  • Choose 4 Plasma Turrets
  • Choose 1 Artillery Turret
  • Choose 2 Tool Turrets

3.4 HWS Capital Vessels (CV) weapon limits

  • 6 Pulse Laser
  • 4 Rocket Launcher
  • 6 Drill Module
  • Choose 12 Projectile Turrets (Minigun or Cannon Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Laser Turrets (Pulse Laser or Plasma Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Fast Explosive Turrets (Rocket or Flak Turrets)
  • Choose 2 Slow Explosive Turrets (Artillery Turrets)
  • Choose 8 Tool Turrets (Drill or Multi Turrets)
  • 8 Sentry Guns

3.5 HWS Bases (BA) weapon limits

  • Choose 12 Projectile Turrets (Minigun or Cannon Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Laser Turrets (Pulse Laser or Plasma Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Fast Explosive Turrets (Rocket or Flak Turrets)
  • Choose 2 Slow Explosive Turrets (Artillery Turrets)
  • 8 Sentry Guns

3.6 Empyrion Weapon Limits

Empyrion only allows 21 weapons / turrets to shoot at the same time. If you have more than 21, the game picks randomly which weapons / turrets will fire.

Choose means a decision between the normal Turret or the retractable Turret.
For BAses and CVs it also means certain type decisions.
For example either 5 Pulse Laser Turrets + 5 Plasma Turrets or only 10 Plasma Turrets => You can pick the amount of Turrets out of a group limit.
Choose wisely with our Effective Weapon System in mind!

Retractable Turrets have on HWS 20% more internal armor if retracted and +20% more Hitpoints.

Keep in mind that HWS Garage ships can exceed the Tool and Drill limits !
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