Quests and RP

Are there any quests? i’ve read that after the wipe that is coming there will be some but are there any right now?

I am flying around and plundering some POIS on my way and i could do PVP but i think that i’m to much of a greenhorn and don’t have much Ore to build up my ships someone shoots me down. so i am searching for a way to find stuff while not losing everything in the process.

then again: i have the pirate origin and although i have an epic minigun i seem not to get any RP. Do i have to do something beforehand?

Me and a few friens would be glad to team up with others from time to time to do some piraty stuff… or attack pois… whatever…

but back to the beginning: what tasks (etc) can i do right now?

Search your pda for Quests F1 if I remember correctly can’t check right now, your a pirate you should do what ever you want without anyone being able to stop you :smiley:

theoretically… yes…
practically it’s a dangerous world out there and i am a small fish right now :smiley:
as soon i can afford a second cv i start roaming around

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You’l be surprised how much damage you can do with a class 1 (5k iron) battle CV :wink: hint “Frontal Armor”

Yes it is here already.

Check your PDA or here for a little promo:

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ok i see there are two team missions. (i wait for my team then) but where do i have to go to start them? ) also are shotgun aliens involved? :smiley:

This is part of your journey but maybe I will put some hints for coordinates / locations in there too soon.

1 Shotgun Alien a day keeps the doctor away

yes… because there is no need of a doctor after getting shot in the face…

but i would think the elemental bank heist is at the capital city… and i can start it somehow… hmmm