Race Event on Fenrir, 500k in prizes!

The Last Airbender

A Jetpack Race on Fenrir

Fenrir is now open to the public! Come practice up before the race :slight_smile:

*Note - ^ Rex said it should be public after the last restart. Please let me know if it’s not for some reason!

Greetings travelers,

You are cordially invited to The Last Airbender - a race event on Fenrir

Why is it called “The Last Airbender”? Because you’re going to fly - but without the aid of anything with a core. The gravity on Fenrir is so low that you can literally jetpack to orbit! Using your jetpack you’ll race across Fenrir’s lakes and mountains (not pictured here - real course is a surprise!) through various checkpoints, stopping at some to collect items needed to claim your first place prize of 400,000 credits!!

How to Race

When the race starts, all contestants will be directed to a base called Lake House on Fenrir where the start and finish line will be. The race is tentatively scheduled for 7:30 PM EST on Friday December 16th - this may be adjusted based on people’s availabilities/amount of interest generated. Ideally I’d like to have at least 5 or 6 people registered before going through the effort to setup the course on Fenrir.

Contestants will race through two different types of checkpoints as they go. The most common type of checkpoint will look like this:

The asterisks (****) and arrows indicate that you are entering the checkpoint from the right direction. If you’re approaching one of these checkpoints from the wrong direction you’ll see warning symbols like this:

The other type of checkpoint you will see is more tunnel like. On the sides of these tunnels are cargo boxes. Each of these types of checkpoints will contain 1 type of item in the cargo boxes. As you pass through these checkpoints you must collect exactly 1 of the items from the cargo box before continuing to the next checkpoint. At the end of the race you will need to show that you have collected the required items in order to place. Here is what they look like:

And from the wrong direction:



What’s a race without some betting? Here’s how to get in on the action:

  • Betting is on first place only
  • The minimum bet is 5,000 credits
  • Participants in the race can’t bet on the race
  • Post in this topic with the following template:

Race Bet

Bet placed on: (player name)
Bet amount (minimum 5,000 credits)
Bet confirmed: (please update this post after your bet has been confirmed)

  • Robob27 will reach out to you with an account number to send your bet to using the eb:send command
  • If the contestant you placed your bet on wins, you win whatever credits are in the pot (-5% to help recover costs associated with the event)
  • If multiple people bet on the same contestant and that contestant wins, all participants who bet on that contestant will receive an equal share in the total amount wagered by all participants.
  • The math for this will all be done above board in this topic. The purpose of keeping all bets on the forums is transparency. Any winner will be able to determine that they amount they won is correct by reviewing bet posts.
  • Bets will not be accepted without a bet post. Even if you have my account number somehow, I must be aware that the transfer is coming first so I can verify that the correct amount was transferred. Note that there is a 5% fee for eb transactions outside of the elemental market!! The total amount received must be at least 5,000 credits (5250 credits outside of Elemental Market)
  • If the race is delayed, you may request a refund of your bet, or keep it in the pool for when the race does occur, the choice is entirely up to you.
  • If no contestants participate in the race, all players who participated in betting will receive a full refund.


First Prize: 400,000 credits!
Second Prize: 75,000 credits
Third Prize: 25,000 credits

Total of 500,000 in prizes! Great for stocking up before 5.0 :slight_smile:

Additional notes:

  • Please do not place any bases/autominers on Fenrir. Please take everything with you after the event has ended. I cannot stress this enough. Fenrir is not permanently open to the public. It will be opened to the public temporarily for events from time to time. Any autominers/bases/anything you leave on Fenrir after the event have the potential to be lost when the planet switches back to private. If anything does get left behind I will do my best to assist with returning it, and I will allow at least a full day from the time the event ends before switching the planet back to private.

  • Betting is not mandatory for anything (participating, watching, etc etc). It is simply an additional thing that I thought might add some fun for folks who don’t want to/can’t make it out to the race and want to get in on the action.

  • This will be tricky tricky! There is a lot to win with nothing to lose, so expect a challenge! I encourage you to practice your skills on Fenrir!

  • If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to reply to this topic or message Robob27 in Discord!

I hope to see a lot of racers out there!



Confirmed Racers:

  • Masago
  • Vandruis
  • Galen Kaine
  • oah
  • Pericles1a2b
  • mcprouty

Confirmed Helpers:

  • Robob

If you would like to race or help, please reply to the topic, send me a PM on the forums, DM on Discord or message in game :smiley:

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Robob this is amazing!!! Well done!!!

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Thanks! Hope to you see out there! :smiley:

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The race is today! Please let me know if you can make it :slight_smile:

The first five rings for The Last Airbender have been placed! Feel free to come by and practice on the real course anytime.

Race Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the race!

Here are our winners:

1st Place for 400k - Masago
2nd Place for 75k - mcprouty
3rd Place for 25k - Rav3n N3vermor3

All prizes have been delivered :slight_smile:

Honorable mentions to Hawk and Nomad who also participated in the race. Special thanks to Typical for helping setup the checkpoints and moderating during the race. We had a really clean race and all in all I think the event was a great success. The race for third place was especially entertaining to watch!

Until next time,


Man I miss it im sorry was having an event on real life till now… Hope you have an awesome time there @Robob27 and congratulations for the big plan and event.

Congratulations for the winners!

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No problem and thanks!

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The race from my perspective.


Haha, awesome!! Excited to see more of this and maybe participate :slight_smile:

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This was a fantastic watch, thanks a ton for recording! Was great to hear you guys say the things I hoped certain parts would make participants say hahaha

Good to hear. I don’t have nearly the patience to edit videos for youtube consumption, but frequently find myself having a blast on various adventures. So I have taken to recording randomly the last few weeks. If you check the Auctoria Thread you’ll see two others featuring y’alls base on Auctoria.