New competition from me, your dear dQ!

Reward: 5millcr
20 raw diamonds
Creator name at event

Do you already have, or want to make a HV that is fast and manoeuvrable?
I am working on the next Race mission, and need YOUR help!

So, the person who can make the fastest HV, will win the reward! Read below, and PM to me your submission here on the forum!
I need pictures and the epb blueprint file!


-Must fit through a 6x3 hangar door!
-Must look good
-Must be easy to manoeuvre
-Max class 1
-Needs to be small, this is to race with… Think small corners!
-Needs good boost!!

Submit it before Monday 28.10.2019 15:00 (3pm) Server time (everything after that time will not be a part of the event!)

There are 3 prices:

-Fastest 5mill cred)
-Most manoeuvrable (5mill cred)
-Best of both (winner)

Will be open until 31.10.2010