Radar not working on Lav

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What happened: I was on Lav a week or so ago and noticed that every poi I came across, save for the warpgate to moo or wherever and the he’s landing platform thing, would not show up on either the map, radar, or in front of me. It doesn’t say discovered such and such poi or have the red blip appear over it. I can fly right up to it and get shot at and still nothing. Thought I just needed to religion cause it happened on Eden once. However that did not fix it that time. I went back again today and the problem is still there. I’m not sure if it’s something wrong on my end or if it’s a widespread thing or not. Or is this intentional, though I’m not sure that it is?
Player(s) with issue: qreid021093
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): multiple times
Playfield: Lav, I have not visited Lantia so I don’t know if it happens there or not.
Structure Name(s): enemy poi’s on Lav
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: just wondering if there’s a fix for this so long as it’s not intentional. It’s hard to gauge how close I can get before getting shot at while trying to mine, and placing custom markers is very hard to be accurate.

This used to happen as a result of surface wipes (the POI markers would vanish) and in the past the only way of fixing was a playfield wipe.

btw same thing on the NA server… Lav doesn’t list any markers.

Is that the same on Lantia as well? And will a playfield wipe be happening soon or no?

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