Random 20 million credit drop from eu bank

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What happened:
=> 20 million credits missing from eu bank. not even been on the server yet and got max interest from eb:6

checked dashboard for random tax charges and nothing adds up :frowning:

Player(s) with issue:
=> jimwons2

Time (cb:time):
=> 2024

=> any

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> restore the missing credits please


sorry. Hayewen and me accidentally refunded the 18 million missing Credits twice.
So we took one of them back. Sorry for the confusion

@Jascha that makes no sense? ive had eu bank at max interest for well over a month? my na account seems correct too. feel free to check my dashboard on both servers for referance :slight_smile:

the original issue was on a 18 million credit warp from na to eu that did not send or refund

It had nothing to do with the warp. You lost the money when you clicked something on HWS Connect (but HWS connect had no connection due to tool problems).

But the confusion gets better. Hayewen added and restored the 18 mil on EU, but I accidently added the 18 mil on NA. So Your Money is ON NA bank, not on EU. My fault.

NA change of Bank Credits when I restored it:
19.11.2019 22:18:54 Bank 76.193.874 --> 94.193.874

EU Refund and again taken away:
19.11.2019 22:32:54 Connect Player Payment: jimwons2> Changed credits from 40082575 to 58082575; Adjusted: 18000000;
19.11.2019 22:34:26 Connect Player Payment: jimwons2> Changed credits from 58082575 to 40082575; Adjusted: -18000000;

Which Corresponds to:

19.11.2019 22:32:54 Bank 40.082.575 --> 58.082.575
19.11.2019 22:34:26 Bank 58.082.575 --> 40.082.575

ok bud thanks for the quick reply :joy: my mind is boggled lol



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