Raw Diamonds

@Rexxus are we going to be able to OCD raw diamonds since they are needed for CPU extensions (and carbon blocks)? Otherwise, I’ll just sell them as I don’t want any more carbon blocks and I can’t build what I need for CPU extensions anymore.

I feel we should be able to construct optronics with them before next season…

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Why go in to next sesason with no challange?

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How is waiting for daily loot a challenge?

The raw diamond is not a commodity just to be traded like leather, statues, etc. It’s actually required for crafting items. We get Xeno Substrate as daily loot that can be OCD and is required to make xeno blocks. That’s why I’m inquiring about raw diamonds to be OCD as it’s required to construct optronics and carbon blocks.

Can be… :smirk:

There is also pois etc to enjoy :+1:

I agree! We need to be able to OCD Diamonds. Its a resource (an expensive one) that is needed to build blue prints and other items.

I would have canceled OCD altogether, you are swimming in fat, the essence of this EGS project is different) survival. The most savvy will be released in PVP, but this is one condition for everyone! Oh yes revolution))) What a shit?

Google translator, what’s wrong? Do you not understand the fruits of your offspring? so that’s your problem. I can write in Russian, so here everyone is exhausted, and even sent to the ban. Don’t like don’t read, and save your wit for others!

We call it the “flood”, the entry of debris into the theme!

my apologies @Chaser. I meant no disrespect. There are times the translator is humorous. I shall refrain from commenting on them :frowning:

What I think he is trying to say is the OCD already has enough loot options. Why add diamonds to the mix?
I do see the point on that. It is a commodity as well as a material. It currently has many unique qualities. The drawbacks need to be balanced with them.
With carbon blocks you can store blueprint factory food diamonds for next season but the commodity trading is reset. Seems a decent trade off at the moment.
Diamonds are given in daily loot to those that are dedicated and purchasable on the market at times. We will see what the future holds.

No Bob, don’t think! I said what I said. OCD is a big mistake in this project. The presence of OCD in old players gives them an incomparable advantage over beginners. It seems that OCD was invented for the lazy. I will not argue with you Bob, you are a veteran here - one of five on the forum, or so. And your point of view is undoubtedly important to me)) You heard my point of view, it is not changed.

OCD does give a advantge as you say! But, it also rewards long term players (where to we set the line) i have been here since opening season, and during the seaons before i became sub-admin, and the time after, the fact is that i did not get anything from the ocd, exept i dont have to grief! But since i can buy what i need easy, and get credits easy, ocd only gives me the benefit of a cv faster then the rest! If you play alone, that will give you nothing, as a big faction will always have more anyway on the important planets!

OCD only helped me to get ocd7 and soon 8. Nothing more

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