RE Explorer Bonus


Just wanted to ask if the explorer bonus already has a cap. Because if not, someone can generate a very high amount of money if he is dedicated enough.

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With dedicated enough I see you mean yourself.
Results in losing ships after warping.
We hoped that players don’t do crazy things because of that and we had no limit.
But I see I have to reduce the credit reward now on RE to make it less attractive to punish the server hardware with opening 4 playfields within 1 minute…

Thanks for the feedback

Nah, thats not true! i calculated it and its far to monoton for me! But there are people just better than me.
I search something to build trading routes for polaris :frowning:

That is the reason why i dont touch the planets, i just scan the orbits and i am nearly finished. I dont want to struggle the server hardware, i just try to be a trader :frowning:

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All good :wink:
Nobody wants to exploit or punish anything.
The Gaußsche Summenformel – Wikipedia just attracts this behavior in general I think. If there are over 100 000 orbits available, it can become quick rich, yes.
Maybe we change it to a one time price instead.

I had HWS+ in mind with that and not RE with its millions playfields :frowning: