RE OCD - allow Imperial Particle Beam Canon

Hi Rexxus

Would you allow Imperial Particle Beam Cannon turret to be added to OCD on RE servers?
Same quantity as the other imperial turrets so we can keep a few between seasons?


Hello statz,
not planned, since it was just few seasons ago all decided to take it out of the OCD.
What has changed since then?

Nothing has changed - we can put the 3 regular types of Zirax imperial turrets in OCD (laser, missile, plasma). The imperial particle beam turret was added with RE 1.7, just wanted to be able to save a few since they work in atmo unlike the ones we can make. Not the heavy, the regular.

Yep but not new enough to not have them excluded from the OCD - for a reason I think.
For now they stay as seasonal reward content but I’ll keep more track of them in the next season (market flow, pvp videos, blueprints) and do a new evaluation of it.

Thanks for the suggestion though and it’s good to do this regular - also with other items if needed.