RE Talon Haven quest on RE

Just curious…

On Haven and, in and around scavenging I was doing the solo quest and ended up in the ancient/dark tower with the consoles.

After interacting with the blue console - Getting ‘locked’ into the dialogue with it to then get shot in the back by the pop-up Zirax - it states ‘go to the red console’…

The Zirax sort of blew it (the red console) up while shooting me and the ‘console’ indicator is now somewhere outside the tower. underground. and nothing there - i dug.

Will this all reset if I ‘redo’ the tower and I’ll be able to complete it? - twas annoying.

You will have to wait for the POI to regenerate likely at the next restart in about 4hrs from this message. That is a default game mission which has nothing to do with HWS or RE. Sadly those missions are so broken and boring it is sad to think they are done by professional developers when you look at RE done by Community Volunteers.
Sorry likely not the answer you would prefer but regenerating the POI is the only way the console will return.

Thanks for feedback - I assumed that would probably be the case.

I hadn’t had this mission on vanilla before so assumed it was RE developed - I haven’t played vanilla since last big update tho so that’s probably why if it’s been tweaked by Eleon.

Thanks again bro!

If you can warp, go to one of the other planet in the sektor, and finnish it there :+1: