Rebel Alliance invades GG in Empyrion Video

First two hours from my PoV, in Horatio 1 2 3, and Cheeto until my game froze.

Started at 2:26 PM EST


Epic shout out to all people involved in the fight on GG on Saturday, i had coms with ACP they also said thay had a fun time. now we have all had adult conversations about OLP we are all prepared to make this a regular thing

this is proof with open and constructive dialog, we can resolve issues in the game despite the fact we have Op4 in our tag lol.

Kind Regards Blind.


Great Video! Really good to see the action on the NA server.
Just a suggestion - could you put HWS in your description as it helps RexXxus with his search engine optimisation.

RexXxus made a dedicated post about the subject here: Post your streams / videos here!

Looking forward to seeing your next video! :+1:

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