Recommendation warp timer / cooldown

Warp timer of 1 min…

Reason: people get that first warp, and when following them it takes time to render their ship. Alot of the times they are able to make next warp without being seen. As I’ve had my turrets firing at an invisible target.

Allows chase

Alternative , when taking dmg cannot warp… Or restarts timer /cooldown




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I like the idea.
HWS is known for Hard Core Brutal PvP. All these new care bears are slowly turning the server into
snowflake central.

As far as I remember warp camping is against rules. In this post I see that you want to make warp camping even easier

Warp camping is illegal. Following a warp is not. The difference is warp camping does not require any skill. Just wait where people show up, and blast them from behind before their screen loads. Warp following requires you to see someone warp, and then warp after them, hoping to catch them, and guessing where they warped to. Add in variance, and its possible you dont catch em at all. I dont think 1 minute is ok, but something like 10-20 seconds could allow for a bit more of potential. Right now I know for a fact that when I am focused and warping through, there is no possibility to catch me by following and still look around to try and find me on each warp. Basically means warping is almost too easy and low risk. A little bit of danger might not be a bad idea.

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Only problem with a timer is increased travel time but considering its a PvP server that was originally hard… Something needs to be added to give people a shot at taking someone down

Too easy at the moment to escape … If the sv ruling doesn’t get changed maybe that will be broken solution to it… But something about losing control of your CV bothers me…

No where in Ezze post does he even mention warp camping. His post refers to chasing a player
who is warping.

Perhaps if your vessel has taken damage in the last minute there would be a 30 second timer
between warps.

Since admins are big fans of the old MS Freelancer game perhaps someday we will see warp