Recovered loot auto to RP,

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What happened:
=> 19-08-28 01:27 Container RP
Got 6 RP for having 6 container 542
19-08-28 01:27 Daily loot
Recovered Loot: 6xAlien Container (Rare)
19-08-28 01:26 Daily loot
Received 1 Skill Point, 6000xGold Coins, 6xRaw Diamond, 6xAuto Miner Core
19-08-28 01:10 Daily vote
Vote Counter: 27; Credits: 189000; Reputation: 27
19-08-27 09:20 Active Faction
received 10 RP for 17 active members in his faction
19-08-27 09:02 Interest
Got 2,000,000 credits
19-08-27 08:50 Faction Bonus
Received 10 RP for 77 autominer cores Received 1 RP for no PVP structures Did not visit Elemental Capital City. No RP received Did not sell anything to non-Federation player over HWS Marketplace. No RP received
19-08-27 02:18 Faction Supply
Received faction supply for level 4
19-08-27 02:18 Container RP
Got 5 RP for having 5 container 542
19-08-27 02:18 Daily loot
Recovered Loot: 5xAlien Container (Rare)
19-08-27 02:16 Daily loot
Received 1 Skill Point, 5000xGold Coins, 5xRaw Diamond, 5xAuto Miner Core

Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
see above


Federation HQ
Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I have been savign these to help out a friend, this is 11 now that I have not been able to save, would like them back. didn’t even have faction weapon in backpack or toolbelt today .

I’m a little unclear on what the problem is or what you’re wanting us to do?

Are you an admin? Don’t think you can help if not

He is an admin, so please just describe your issue a little better if you want help :wink:

You can see the little shield next to his name. That means he’s forum admin, and most likely also ingame.

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I believe what QIX was wanting to keep the yellow containers from Daily Loot, to give to someone. Also saying that they shouldn’t have been taken as he didn’t have his origin weapon on him.


Not much we can do. Just make sure to not equip your Origin Weapon the next time.

Thing is, 2 days in a row the game recovered the alien containers after the rest of the loot was delivered. the second day I did not have the Origin weapon equipped. Look at the time stamps.

Also for months I have had the Origin Weapon equipped and still had time to move the Alien Containers out of my backpack before they were taken for RP!

That was the first day that you show pictured, check the second day.

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