Recycle 5 Didn't Return T2 Generators

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What happened: I spawned in a base that was a bunch of t2 generators, adv constructors, and lcd’s… I recyled it and got the LCDs and Adv Constructors in my OCD but did not get the t2 generators.
Player(s) with issue: Dreadstar
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 22:50
Playfield: Draconis
Structure Name(s): $-Mass Factory Bank
Structure ID(s): 16771751
How can we help you now: Find out why recycle didnt return the t2 generators and return those to me.


you used Recycle without OCD. So devices were send to you ingame and the rest to OCD.
As I see from the logs you also got those Items and had them in your inventory for at least a minute:

So everything is ok, or is here a misunderstanding?

There are hundreds of the t2 generators on this blueprint.

Then please give us all the infos in detail. You said you did not get the T2 generators. Obviously thats just half the story then.

$ Silicon Bank.7z (44.8 KB)

Here is the blueprint. I assumed you had access to it server side.

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I checked the blueprint, and it has no generators at all :expressionless: Is that the wrong one?

Anyhow. I also checked the logs and you got all generators that you were supposed to. No error to be found here so far. Since everything else worked and since the possibility of an error according to the logs is very limited I don’t see anything we could do here :frowning:

$-Mass Fatory Bank.epb (9.3 KB)

I am sorry @Jascha I gave you the wrong blueprint.

It just dawned on me I could spawn it into single player and grab a shot of the P menu to show how many t2 gens there should be.

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So you spawned that one via blueprint-factory on the server and then recycled it?

Yes. it returned the 49 t2 gens to my ocd window then put no gens in my ocd… it put the adv constructors in the ocd
all the other t2 gens were gone

Restored them to your OCD (494; 603 total --> OCD Level 5 = 90% = 543; - 49 already recieved).
Sorry for that and thanks for letting us know. I found the error :frowning:
I will fix it now

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