Recycle did not return any materials

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What happened:
Upgraded to recycle lv l5.
Used recycle command from structure commander on Connect to recycle an SV.
Got the confirmation, name matched so I responded with CB:YES
The SV disappeared but nothing appeared in my OCD, no window popped up for overflow devices etc. Waited 15 minutes before doing anything else (didn’t warp, log out etc).
Checked Connect activity log and saw nothing regarding the recycle nor the credits charged for the per block cost (was not charged).
Player(s) with issue: Sny
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): approximately 17:00
Playfield: PKE
Structure Name(s): BT c5 - Sny
Structure ID(s): 5846012
How can we help you now: Restore the SV so I can try again? Not sure if it’s an issue with HWS Connect or the recycler in general or just me. Not critical, just not really trusting recycle at this point.

First trust yourself before trusting our features :slight_smile:

@Sny - did you use the recycleOCD command? I dont think that one gives the ‘overflow window’. The normal recycle command should.

I did it via HWS Connect and used the Recycle option, not the Recycle OCD option.

I thought that this would put anything that didn’t fit in the OCD into an overflow window.

Rex, Does the Recycle option on hws connect return items that don’t fit into the OCD?

Omg Rex, its exactly what I was complaining about in my latest help post. So you log everything.
Why dont you create a Lost Stuff Warehouse playfield somewhere, and allocate for each event a room with a door locked with a random code and some boxes locked with a random code, with a time to live x days and ping the player several times per day about the location and codes so he gets a chance to recover his items.
And you get rid of all this I lost X thing cases which waste time of both parties.

No, you clicked on the right button “Recycle OCD”

17:48:23.053	I	Import Connect Read-File: Player Sny do ChatBotCommand 'egs:recycleocd:5846012'

I verified a couple of times now and the button are very precise in its action.

The normal recycle puts things first in the inventory and then in the OCD if doesn’t fit.
But you chose recycleocd, so no inventory obviously.

Must have, thanks

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