Recycle issue

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: recycled ship 2015208 and didnt receive the parts. I have 60% recycle**Player(s) with issue:** Write here Abrum13
Server: Write here NA
Time (cb:time): Write here Aprox. 1:00
Playfield: Write here egs at the egs recycle
Structure Name(s): Write here Rea
Structure ID(s): Write here ship id 2015208
How can we help you now: Write here hoping to get 60% of the parts back


It goes into your OCD. Have you checked?

no room in my ocd but for a few of the parts i already have in there. and yes, i checked several times. i was there for a few hours. I also wrote down the quantities of the items i had in the ocd prior, and none of them increased.


Still no material from the recycle.


I will try to look at it in 2 days. sorry

I see no error at all. We might have to check it next time it happens. Maybe you expected the wrong things. You would only recieve blocks with Recycle level 4-

Gotcha, Ill pay better attention thanks Jasha


Sorry for that. But if you do it could you make screenshots before/after. Maybe that helps me to figure out what could be wrong. But I can’t see anything at the moment.

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