Recycled CV resources not sent to OCD

I went to ECC to recycle a CV. It is worth about 90k in ingots. I went to the recycle station and input the command to recycle my CV and it disappeared without dumping any resources back to my OCD. My cargo drone is at level 5 and only using about 35 slots. My recycle level is at the starting level for all players. Did I do something wrong or did I miss something here?

How long did you wait? It can take a few minutes to show up.

I did it yesterday night. I checked just before I posted.

any idea here from anyone? I would like to use this service on CVs because of the amount of time needed to do it the hard way.

As I already wrote ingame to you:

there are two recycle commands available and you used probably the “wrong” one / had not enough space in your OCD / Inventory.
As far as I checked all went in… EGS Recycle level 1 isn’t that much.

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