Recycling (level5)

i purchased the level 5 recycling, i may have misunderstood what it was, I thought you would be able to core ships (ie zirax ships) install your own core and then recycle it globally(wich I thought was anywhere as long as I wasn’t being attacked or near a deposit), I keep getting “this structure cannot be recycled” message. Am I not able to use it this way? i tried looking around the forum and im not really seeing the answer im looking for. any help is appreciated as always. thanks!

it usually takes some time for HWS connect to recognise the cored ship as yours, depending on server load and number of player currently online, that can take between 1 minute and 15-20 minutes…

and be sure to enter right ID number, how many times was i sitting there because i switched 2 numbers around :smiley:

after waiting about 20 minutes i was able to recycle to ocd via the structure commander commands. i thought it wouldn’t take that long but i was maybe a bit pre-emptive in my thoughts. this is a powerful tool and takes time to complete. i appreciate the replies and the help. thanks a ton !

you do need to also have at least OCD 5 to be able to recycle directly to OCD

ocd-5 is not required but it is very helpful to have with recycling