Reforge Makret

How do we sell large volume items, like 1000 (a stack) of blocks or even a single drive thruster if we cannot sell from a linked container on our ship? I understand that you have a patrion system to sell from the OCD, and I am not complaining about that. I simply would like to know how to put large volume items onto the market or use the market at the trade stations for items we cannot hold on our persons.

sadly there is not a way. the marketplace was initially setup for a universe without such harsh volume restrictions. this topic has come up quite a bit.

@RexXxuS is there a way to have volume off in the market zone, or even all of ECC planet?

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Maybe make it so everyone can sell from ocd? Not only us with elite?

But add a tax for each lvl (no patreon, high tax, elite; free of charge)

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No. I can only recently turn off volume in an instance.
But since you can’t enter an instance with a ship, this is an issue I guess.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll note it down.

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