Reforged Eden vs Vanilla Empyrion : Your opinion?

To do the start : For me Reforged Eden is by far superior to the Vanilla Game. There is always something to achieve, some POI which are very hard to do, to get loot which is making everything more easy in the next run. There are new weapons, armor and booster. Reforged Eden is simply enriched compared to the Vanilla game, enriched in every very aspect of the game.

What does that mean for the future of HWS+ ? In my opinion Rexxus and Jascha finally will have no other choice, but to merge HWS+ with HWS RE.

Is that an insane statement of me ? Before my “friend” Bob starts the daily bashing :stuck_out_tongue: think carefully about it.

Even for the next season in Q1/2023 many aspects of HWS+ will already be implemented into HWS RE, and this is a good news !

What is the weakness of Reforged Eden ? Certainly the missing PVP support. Not everybody dares to face true and smart human enemys. So Rex already announced to implement more PVP from HWS+ into HWS RE. In my oponion, after doing the 61845st Zirax Cruiser-loop, why not risking the own 42952st expendable battleship in the black hole to receive either a ton of gold there… or a ton of enemy plasma shots ?

Think about it, would be the best option in my opinion.

you have missed a lot of the conversation in your absences. this has already been discussed. HWS + and RE are both being worked on together with both developers. it’s buried somewhere in the announcement section. also several discussions in discord.

One thing you are completely missing though, HWS+ is not vanilla at all. there is just as much difference in configurations as there is between vanilla and RE.

you are also not understanding what goes on in the background. RE is based as a single player/small co-op scenario where HWS+ is specifically designed with massive multiplayer stability in mind.

HWS+ = quality over quantity for multiplayer arcade style gameplay
RE = More complexity to achieve longer gameplay

it’s covered a bit here:

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Hehe i played HWS+ several thousand hours and i am absolutely aware about its features :slight_smile:

In short : It was the best Empyrion mod till the next mod came… Reforged Eden.

“The better means always death to the good”. Old chinese wisdom, created by me :stuck_out_tongue:

what you’re referring to is not HWS+ but the previous “alpha” versions that ended 2 years ago. you seem to think you’re an authority on how the server should be run even though you know very little about about what it has become.

You’ve been advocating to change many things since you’ve been back without actually learning about what has actually changed. again, I highly recommend learning about the environment you’re in instead of assuming nothing’s changed since you’ve been gone…

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your expertise seems to be based by looking at player counts at random times of recent days. completely missing the fact that the last two seasons on + have been alpha and beta testing statuses for a complete revamp. it has been stated many times, you just need to take the time to read. there are many players waiting for the “full release” expected around March 2023. this is what you don’t understand…


Sigh… :man_facepalming:

I am looking at player numbers regulary. Flamewar with Bob. Whenever you want :stuck_out_tongue:

and that’s the issue, you’re basing your opinion solely on one small narrow point of view. Open your eyes and you will see a much larger picture.

Just to recite Albert Einstein hier :stuck_out_tongue:

“The definition of insanity is, to try always the same and expecting a different result.”

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” - Dr Suess

if you would read, you would realize that it’s not doing the same things over and over again. HWS has been evolving over the years. those who have been here, know about these changes. those who show up every once in awhile, only know their limited point of view.

you have recently posted several times about changing things that either have already been changed or cannot be changed. since you’re triumphant return, you have been doing nothing but wasting the admins time with conversations that have been happening over and over again. you would know this if you spent as much time reading the forums as you do advocating for change.


I am one of them :+1:
I must admit, not been much at + this season at all, but been much much work also. Will do more testing from januar and forward, as i get two whole shifts free :grin:
The gameplay is way way smoother on +…
On Re i feel people are constantly stuck in a building, missing ships, get ghostkilled etc etc… was not near this much in old +

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Well, this clearly deserves wise words from Ygritte (“Game of Thrones”).

“You know nothing, Mr. Bob” :stuck_out_tongue:


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There are two kind of people.

These who know everything, and these who know everything better.

I am category a) and you are b)


disc space on my server is costly and I don’t want to waste it with your meme war.
I recommend Discord for that.
Overall Bob is right.