Refunds for bricked HWS ships?

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Config changes bricked garage my ship.
Player(s) with issue: N/A
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): N/A
Playfield: Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): "EVIL"
Structure ID(s): 16019
How can we help you now: Ship was made useless from config file changes. Wanted to see if I could at least swap it out for something of a similar value or if there was some way to make this thing useful again. Base frame was the Recon garage ship. Honestly I probably wouldn’t have cared if I hadn’t invested so much time in beautifying it.

Is it Groundhog day? Didn’t we already have this conversation in PM?

Like I said, you’ve stripped the ship down to use components. I get that its frustrating, but the ship was an older design on an ever evolving server running an Alpha game. Things change, things evolve and things get updated. As you said yourself you’ve had it a little while now and if we replace yours, then we have to replace everyone’s which we just cant do.

Sorry, but on this occasion we cant help.