Regarding Stargate Mission | The Collector III > Teleport EASY - Magnesium

while waiting for wipe i was busy testing some of the missions available to us.
specifically the Stargate Mission | The Collector III i noticed an issue
i mined every single asteroid there was & only managed to gather 29k/50k ore.

FIX:: add more roids and/or lower the quest completion requirement to balance it.
Suggestion: probably add 1 more roid & lower it to 30k should be ok?

unless gain/roid can be altered but i wouldnt advise doing that
as i assume this affects roids across the whole galaxy.

sidenote: think it was about avg 4k ore / roid

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Nice, thanks for the feedback. Will adjust the amount.
Each resource give different output, so it’s tricky to balance.
Which one was this?

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this was the one for magnesium

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I tried Titanium and was also not able to complete the 50k. I think i got around 19k out of all available astoroids.