Remember to ally

Just another reminder her guys. If you are a trader, even in a faction by yourself (which btw, WHY??) to take the time to send out an alliance request to all other traders and alliance. We need to be able to help you and know that you aren’t a pirate in traders clothing. LoT will accept all alliance offers, and I take the time once a week to send out requests as well. Just saying that I feel a hurricane brewing. Don’t want it to take anyone unawares.

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Doing the same Mac,

But a lot of traders are not online it seems.

Maybe on holidays. :slight_smile:

I’m trying but there’s over 200 Trader factions and most don’t reply.

Dont worry about the not responding. Send the request. And if someone settles in the way and doesnt ally, let us know.

G G guardians Guardian will accept alliance request from any trader faction. I’m pretty active and regularly check and send alliances :slight_smile: