Reminder: First HWS Survey ends tomorrow night

Hey @everyone,

just a little reminder that the HWS survey will be closed tomorrow night.

Link to the survey:

So far over 150 people participated what is mind blowing! A LOT of good feedback.
Thank you very much!

If you know anyone let him know and don’t waste your opportunity of 10 Auto Miner Cores :wink:

Thanks again!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: We try to release the results / analysis on monday then. It is also the announcement post which will change couple of things to the current HWS 6.X universe such as PvE taxes, Regeneration of Gold on GG, Reincarnation of Armageddon, a new way of getting gold via Stargates and POIs and more… stay tuned :slight_smile:


I hope you don’t forget about PVP game)))

Love you!!


Hello @everyone!!!

At this time we have 158 responses!!

If we can reach 200 Responses by SUNDAY NIGHT PACIFIC TIME (gives some of you a little extra time), let’s say 10PM - we will raffle off 2 BRAND NEW PROTOTYPE HWS Garage ships NOT YET RELEASED to the public.

All you need to do is have entered your name into the survey and you will be automatically entered to win.

The Vessel that we raffle will be unknown to you; the mystery will remain. Tho you may catch a glimpse of them in the wild somewhere.

So if you know some of your faction mates or buddies who are holding out – TELL THEM TO GIVE THEIR VOICE!


  • 2 experimental vessels across ALL servers (total 2).
  • No ALT Accounts to complete survey and increase odds - if we discover it, you will forfeit
  • No trades, exchanges, sale backs, etc, of prize vessels. You can, however sell them or trade them to the community as you wish.
  • Please be constructive with your feedback so that we can use it to make the game better! Feel free to complain, but how would you make it better?

Have fun and thanks as always for your support!!!

Google Translate !!!

First of all a small flaming.
Fixed please the Hunter planet endweder the info there is max 11 radioactive, but the planet goes to 25 and 90% of the day it is at 16.5. Change the meteorite spam only because few traders have flamed that they did not get enough XY resources we have a duration spam of meteroids. As a result, the Hunter planet has no GOLD meteor. Which is important to the Hunter when he already has such a deadly planet. Where you can not be more than 30 minutes walk outside.
Dan to the payment for the orbit. 50 euro / month is damn much money for a game where one after max 1 week anyway more than enough resources! Since everything exudes in abundance. The act is sinloss except with the armor and rare weapons. Since there is nothing special what a faction as rare possession is all common.

To the conclusion what positive the game even if it is only a small version of the space Engeniering is it a nice time distracted on this server which makes itself absolutely much effort.
9/10 points for the HWS Admins and CO.

Please continue.

next time please add the original text in your native tongue which seems to be german. I think rexxxus and other including me would have understood more that way :D.

did you really complain that there are no gold meteorites on hunter starter? we have no gold anywhere in pve space…

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If mining, especially gold, was made easier, I would be more willing to take part in PVP, as my time would not be spent solely on obtaining gold. But as it is spent specifically on obtaining gold, you are going to have to deal with me not taking part in willful PVP, and I am very good at hiding.

Good news everyone!

We beat the 200 Response goal and will be raffling those SV’s off! Will announce winners with the Survey results.

Give us some moments to crunch the data! Many of you were very creative an instead of choosing “no” you added your own version of “no” which we need to go normalize to “no” lol. :smiley: Great stuff everyone! thanks for your feedback and participation!

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I wanted to avoid that so I almost always answered with one of the predefined choices… but I would love to have left comments/suggestions. In future would it be possible to have a comment box for all choices, not just “none of the above”? Alternatively, you could run polls on discourse for each question and people can vote and leave suggestions / have discussions below.