Remove undestructable cover on every planet

Remove undestructable cover on every planet/

What do you mean with “undestructable cover”? Every planet? Where?

Undestr. layer what not allow dig planet.

Ah, my Sandwich Planet invention.
Hmm, it helps a lot with performance – preventing moles to drill everywhere like crazy.
10.5 improves it but not sure if enough.

Think it is fun, specially on gg, where you need to find the opening to the gold ore, and also, you need to plan for being attacket.

I concur. Remove, or at least adjust, or fix.

HW for example. The layer prevents ready access to many, choice ore nodes. Yes, one could spend hours digging to them from a distance (encouraging the mole approach) — but, not likely going to happen, and not worth the risk/effort.

For this reason, I only visited HW planet twice this season, and decided not worth going back.

Most nodes on HW under the non-destructable layer, some on gg also — have no opening through the non-destructable layer to get through to the node.

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If it is stopping people from getting the whole thing we can always make the ORE deposit bigger that way its worth it .

Problem is not able to get to any of the node.
Except by starting a hole from, in some cases a long distance away where there is no non-destructive layer and tunneling to the node.

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At that point , I wouldnt waste my time there either . The idea is to keep people coming back to play . As soon as people do not want to come there it is a waste .

I know right? That sandwich is tough to chew :-p Jokes aside, I do miss the underground golden reservoirs from 2 seasons ago. Suggestion of compromise: 1, keep the sandwich but make a dirt (or even crushed stone) layer under the gold to make maneuvering easier. 2, replace the several gold deposits to a few reservoirs scattered around the planet with an opening directly above. The areas can be set to not allow base placement to avoid land claim trolling…


If the intent was to have openings through layer to each node below, then it needs to be reviewed and fixed. The openings in many cases are just not there.