Rep Calculation Facts,Myths,and Threats!

Rumors are flying all over the place.
Too many to go into.
Here is what the community thinks we know:

One Reputation Point (rep) for 1 warp per hour of game-play with Epic Weapon specific to your alliance in your inventory.

You must stay logged in for an hour to gain that 1 rep for that 1 warp.

If the server backup happens, your rep warp is lost. You must warp again then wait another hour, warp again to get that RP.

Sometimes you get 2 Rep for a warp. But you didn’t receive the last 6-8-10 or 3 warps you did for the Rep even though you are using an egg-timer.

Sometimes you die and lose 1 rep. then gain 2 rep with no epic weapon.

Sometimes you warp on the egg timer for ten hours straight, and get zero rep.

rep is calculated on the players login time.

rep is calculated from the players last warp time.

rep is calculated from after the players second warp time,after he logs in.

rep is not reliable.

rep cannot be trusted to change at a moments notice even if you have done perfect maths.

rep equals the end of HWS.

rep is a pay to play scheme

rep makes me feel bad on the inside.

rep makes my boohoo tears, boohoo.

These are the thoughts.

My Thoughts…

IF rep is going to be part of HWS, then it has to be 100% functional and reliable. HWS experts that I rely on to tell me what is going on, don’t know.

That is a Crisis.

There are HUGE discrepancies between the HWS GUIDE and the game-play.

Please fix the GUIDE.

It should have all the rules. It does not. Without it, I cannot strategize my killing of all pirates, freelancers, hunters and then, when there is nothing left, the freaking traders. They are awful! please disband the traders immediately!

Thanks for your comments, I’m sure they are the worst.

I scored on a farm dat rep. Warp-jumps still buged. Try my luck every hour for… for what? For possibility to live on PvE planet after 1-2 month? heh… no sense.

Just w8 for HWS 6.0, mb there we get some sense in this. Right now just take fun on New Year and Christmas. Mb get some PvP after, but didnt see nothing more.