Rep did not Transferred from EU to NA after fragment

What happened:
=> I completed a fragment poi on EU but the 1000rp did not transfer to NA when I csw’ed

Player(s) with issue:
=> WillEatsPie

=> EU to NA CSW

Time (cb:time):
=> around 10:30pm server time 07/07/20

=>Cross Server Warp

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I completed a fragment poi on EU server and CSW back to NA.
It was around 1h 30mins “after a server restart” I received the 1000 rp points on my EU character

I now see from other posts I should have stayed on EU till the rep points had registered but it’s a new feature so I had no way to know.

I saw the rep on EU from NA and CSW’ed back, but it never appeared in my account.

If possible could you either put the rep on my NA character or simply reset the fragment poi for me so I can do it properly

Thanks, WillEatsPie

why are you copying the same ticket like Big Red did?

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Ehm I had a similar problem and it was easier to copy his and paste it, then edit it to fit my mistakes, than it was to make a whole new ticket. I did the same thing except I CSW’ed to EU afterwards.

Oh and we CSW’ed together and got the fragment within 5mins of each other so our times are extremely similar. If that’s a problem I can make another ticket.

And our rep appeared at the same time


why closed? Did you give him the RP @gareth? I’m so confused

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was asked to close it via pm in discord :wink:

I’m so confused, I didn’t ask anyone to close anything, did someone come along with the same name as me and pretend to be me? I’m sending you something to identify me with. “This is the real me” should be in your discord now. @gareth @RexXxuS I did not ask to close this ticket, I still need the RP

Also I have a profile of my dog as my discord picture, we were out hunting and he has a dead duck in his mouth.

What? Who asked you what @gareth??

No, only gareth confused me… :confused:

anyways, I gave you the 1k RP now.

A duplicate ticket is always weird. It would have been better if you would have mentioned Big Red straight away, that you was with him etc.
Otherwise we set it straight to solve, because well, it is the same.

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Thank you, idk what Gareth saw but he’s been suuper helpful to me in the past as both a friendly face and an HWP member, I’d just like to know whatever happened, I don’t want any bad will towards him because of a mistake. He’s an awesome guy and I’m betting someone made a fake discord account and duped him or something, but whatever it was I don’t want anyone to “press charges” if it’s something my opinion matters on.

No, all good.
I just want to know what is going on behind my back!

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Good afternoon guys
@WillEatsPie really sorry about me closing this… was asked in discord from a person called Wolf to close it as he said it was solved already, i just assumed that this person was with you as you wrote this ticket for two ppl



Oh and we CSW’ed together and got the fragment within 5mins of each other so our times are extremely similar. If that’s a problem I can make another ticket.

And our rep appeared at the same time

or you guys figured something out together, or that this Wolf had it in for you for some reason and wanted me to close it…

either way me bad… was super early for me and should have checked :wink:

@RexXxuS absolutely nothing going on behind you back mate… you know me by now

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gareth_8000Today at 15:24
okay wtf is going on… you asking me to close this, what reason did you have ?

W0lfToday at 15:25
got it sorted
i didn’t wait for rp to appear from first star fragment

gareth_8000Today at 15:26
this was a ticket from Willeatspie… what does it have to do with you ?

W0lfToday at 15:27
did a second star fragment at homeworld on eu

gareth_8000Today at 15:28
so what does a ticket from will got to do with you ?

W0lfToday at 15:28
it’s not from will

gareth_8000Today at 15:29
Player(s) with issue:
=> WillEatsPie

W0lfToday at 15:29
that’s a different one

gareth_8000Today at 15:29
nope… check your link
i’m guessing you gave me link to wrong ticket

W0lfToday at 15:31

gareth_8000Today at 15:32
yep you gave me wrong link then

W0lfToday at 15:32
srry for the mix up then

gareth_8000Today at 15:32
no worries, will sort it

after some digging…
this Wolf gave me wrong link info
Sorry for the mix up Will :heart:


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