Rep Points and how they are given out?

Started in Alliance faction Thursday and as of today saturday i have only 1 RP for faction but the guide says that you get 7 per day passively. does it matter if you are in starter planet?. no deaths to date.

I think i should have at least 7 RP so this is why i am confused.

Also the alliance credit bonus, does that go to bank? and is it done at same time as interest?.

Thanks to anyone clarifying this for me.


thanks for letting us know. Yeah after full 24 hours you should get 7RP.
Will talk with Jascha again if something is missing.
Hold on.


+1 on alliance reputation points not given today. Exactly the same situation.

Same problem here. Been on the faction world day of update. I have zero rep and check all the time. I did die but I had no rep to lose so. Is there a command to get the package each day or is it automatic?

yeah, i’m with rep problems too… I loged in on the day of the patch, and the same day i did the requisite to earn rp(trader), and i got 0 rp =/

as well, which time exactaly the RP is given to us?

Ok I got my rep for the first time so what ever you did thanks. Follow up question. Are faction members private items paid by them or by the faction? Second whos rep is used in the calculation the faction leaders or is it a combined total for the faction? Thank you for your time in advance.

It is Block Size * Devices / RP / Members (per day) [[per player]] as an advance formular.

It is per person, not the leader or everyone in a sum