Repair Bay Speed and resetting

Is there any chance we could speed up the repair speed a bit? i’m finding it working a bit different this season/version of Empyrion. Last season I could more or less leave a vessel repairing on a busy playfield and it would repair or partially repair. This season it seems to:

  1. stop as soon as I leave playfield (FreelancerHQ Sector in this case)
  2. Reset back to initial state or repair. I have a CV that has been at 5 hours 42 minutes for a few days now.

For example, just babysat ship in orbit repairing for 30 minutes, 5 hours 12 minutes left:

Left playfield and returned and repair time has gone back up to the original 5:42 again:

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Same problems for me, tried to repair a vessel yesterday and it reset 3-4 times :roll_eyes:

i have not had great results with using repair bays for a long time. EGS recycle is a much more reliable way to fix up ships. scrap and rebuild from the factory is much faster as well. at level 5 u only lose 10% of blocks and devices. stuff the recycled parts back in the factory to cut down chunks of time and respawn when ready.

I am also unable to repair anything with the repair pads. It constantly resets everytime you leave the playfield and it is worthless. The repairs at Racom etc last season were wonderful and instant. But the price is completely ridiculous this season and nowhere near being worth using so it is just wasted unused space. Wanted like 90 million for a minor repair last I looked… Also a 1 hour average repair per 1 minute of fighting really makes people not want to fight. Have a big CV fight for 20 minutes and you’re gonna be repairing for 20 hours… So people have to have 5 backup pvp cv’s spawned in and sitting on standby so they can switch after a fight…


I don’t entirely agree Bob. This is the first season/version of Empyrion I have played where it is this bad. You and I have recycle 5 but not all do, and it can require OCD slots. Also builds that you or I use mostly have a limited number of blocks for components. My tanks and SVs recycle very efficiently.

Compare this to what the usual player will have. They have a workshop ship with tons of different components and block versions. Even if they recycle to backpack the parts which do not fit get sent to OCD, where they will not fit if they are a newer player or have a fairly full OCD possibly losing key parts.

In terms of recycling CVs, biggest issue I have is that shutter block L gets converted to shutter block s when recycling. Any chance this could be fixed Rex?

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