Repair Bay T2 speed buff?

Does the config file have the option of tweaking the T2 Repair Bay? I was hoping v8 would enable me to leave a ship repairing to template whilst I took another into battle. Rotation - time saver. Its turned into pretty much a huge faff. I finally have my platforms set up so they can handle the repair of large CVs (without giving silly red messages) but time taken to repair such CVs is now a big obstacle. I cant repair in the day as repair time taken is longer than time between server restarts. Note that (at least for me) Server restarts, relogs and travelling 3k+ away from the base causes the repair to fail. I cant leave it going all night while sleeping as my little guy lasts 3.5 hours on a full belly - tested lol. Guess I could medbay macro spam but dont use macros and there has to be a better way.

Just throwing it out there. A x2 increase in the T2 repair bay speed would certainly help with these issues if its possible. Other ideas/solutions welcome - except repairing by hand ‘old style’. So V7! :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but I don’t think the config file allows for the modification of the repair speed. I don’t think anyone but Eleon can change that.

It was better when they allowed us to put completed blocks into the repair bay to speed it up, but Eleon didn’t like it so they removed that option.

Yes, it’s still very buggy about restarting the server, changing playfields, or just moving too far away. Hopefully they squash these bugs fast.

maybe if we all go to the empyrion forums and raise hell about it they will speed it up or allow for putting blocks in instead of mats again. cause as is the t2 repair used for anything other than a small vessel is useless.