Repair to blueprint error

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What happened: As you can see in the included pictures, I am getting an error of repair area for this template is blocked. This is only happening when I try repair to blueprint. When I use the repair blocks, I get the green box and it shows ingots being used but doesn’t repair the blocks nor does the progress move. If I can get the green box around the ship in normal repair blocks, then why the error when trying to repair to blueprint. Yes, I have a saved template for this ship as well. Why does repair blocks use ingots but not fix any blocks on the ship? I have tried to remove and replace both the repair block and the console as well.
Player(s) with issue: RoP
Server: N/A
Time (cb:time): June 21 18:40
Playfield: SANCTUARY
Structure Name(s): Reaper’s Folly
Structure ID(s): 7594931
How can we help you now: Please advise if I am doing something incorrect. I am pretty sure this is server/game side of an issue though. I just want it to work correctly. I would like to know why it isn’t working correctly as well please.

Is the whole bounding box of a ship free of any obstacle? This repair console here is far away from the ship?
Did you try to put the ship further down - touching the repair block?

Yes, it is free of all blockages, the landing gear of the ship is touching the repair block. I get the box around it in repair blocks only and it acts like it is repairing, even using ingots, but it doesn’t repair blocks nor will it allow to repair to blueprint. Btw, this is the second repair site I have tired it on, First was on Stella and now here at my base.

EDIT:: I was able to have another member use the repair block function and it worked. The repair to blueprint still is not working on this ship.

Ist it possible that you lost blocks on the underside of your ships that would touch the ground if the entire block was filled but are made up of partial blocks (like slopes)?

I lost one out of the 4 landing gear on the ship, other than that, no there is no damage to the bottom of the ship.

Could a collision cause an error like this?? Last night an ally collided with my ship.

Tried all variations and I’m lost.
Sending the savegame to the Dev to find out

Ty for the help Rexxus!

It took a while after the Dev found the problem but is logical!
The problem is your landing gears / ship design.
Because you have a “step” in your ship the bounding box is going towards the base.

The fix is to make the ship horizontally even.

Okay, I will try this…Wouldn’t this affect the repair blocks function as well or is this two separate functions?
The repair blocks works correctly.
I think this may have to do with a collision with another ship and it may have a part of that ship still attached.
Also, I will recycle this one if I can’t get it to work and try it on a fresh copy as well.

Thanks Rexxus.

No, this is block is just looking upwards. The shield implementation is a different one for repairing actually.
Ok, let me know if it worked.

Okay, that appears to be working!
Thank you for your help Rexxus, I learned something new today!

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