Replaceblock command block definitions help please?

Hi Guys,

Looking for a guru with the “replaceblocks” command. I have used it a number of times in the past but this instance has me stumped. Hoping it something simple with the new block names I am missing.

I have an SV from the steam workshop and I want to change from steel to armored. (The blueprint was only uploaded in the last week, so I’m assuming it was built with all the new blocks.) When i point the tool at the blocks it tells me steel block s, which I assumed was hullsmallblocks. (50hit points) The following command resulted in zero changed blocks.

replaceblocks X hullsmallblocks hullarmoredsmallblocks

I have tried numerous variations of the above each time with no errors, so I know I have the syntax and block names correct, but also with zero changed blocks.

I have the list from the Alpha 4.0 notes and have tried all the variations I can think of with them.

SV/HV: HullFull, HullThin, HullArmoredFull, HullArmoredThin, HullSmallBlocks, HullArmoredSmallBlocks

Can anyone point me to a better reference for the replaceblocks command please?



Not sure if this helps any, but these are commands i frequently use on CV/BA’s:

replaceblocks xxx HullFullLarge HullFullCombatLarge
replaceblocks xxx HullFullLarge HullFullArmoredLarge

The names you reference for SV/HV looks reasonable enough.
Do you get an error on the syntax or does it say “0 blocks replaced” ?

edit: nvw, just saw that you typed “zero changed blocks” …
Simply means the source blocks don’t exist, but you probably figured that out.

Pointing a multi tool at an individual blocks gives it’s name, and it’s usually a good hint in the right direction.

Thanks Ixx,

“steel block s” is the result of pointing the multitool. Just don’t know what that equates to as far as a definition to use in the command.

Cant really extract any hints from that, other than “s” for small.
I’ll try some when i get home, this got me curious =)

I managed to convert few blocks of different shapes, identified as “Steel Block S” to armored with this command:

replaceblocks xx HullFullSmall HullArmoredFullSmall

The Combination of “Full” and “Small” isn’t very intuitive =)

Hope this helps

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This has helped me a lot till I find a program to open the localization file. Make sure you expand the replies as the one that helped me is 2nd from last.

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Awesome tip, or as we say in Sweden: “klockrent” !!

That’s the combination right there. Converted 347 blocks.

Many thanks Ixx

That is brilliant Crazy!

I found the file is called Localization.csv (not EmpyrionDataItems.csv as in the thread) and is in Steam\SteamApps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Extras in my particular install.

Many thanks!

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Your welcome man. Glad it helped you out have fun