Report a Crime

Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: Trap or cheat with a bug

Time/Date of offence: 3:10am/Wednesday 8 february

Player/Faction accused: Faction: N-7 Player:Amiral Narko

Player Faction reporting: Faction: ESH Space´s Chatarriers Player Reporting:TorelliTUNING

What happened? A Tank or turret under water and or below the water level shooting without possibility of destroying it.

Why did it happen? The cause that you can not have guns under water



The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was

Thanks for the report but this is an already discussed topic we can’t do much about it.
It is a game logic bug / glitch that the turrets can shoot through stuff like water / terrain even though you as a client see obstacles in the way.
For 6.0 devs told me that they want to fix this render issue. But not sure about the progression right now.

Especially building near a green zone can cause some problems with that setup but currently we don’t see a special rule to prevent building there. We can’t restrict ever footstep of the players.

So the videos are sent to the devs as a reminder of the high prio.
Thanks again.


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