Report to player MiroZPraglu for blocking NPCs vendor in Flying City

The player with name MiroZPraglu spend a lot of time “talking” with vendor in Flying City blocking in process that the others player can trader with this vendor. This player still “AFK” while keeping trader with vendor.

Thanks for the info. After restart he should be gone. If he is still there, let us know.


Excuseme Jascha he has do the same action in several times. Not only this one. I mean, its TOTALLY intentional, not and error or mistake. He leave and came back always when left few minutes for vendors restart

Yeah I saw you speaking about it a few times in chat today. Just let me know when he does it again (He is warned now). Make a screenshot again and ask him in chat. If he does not move we will take actions.

@MiroZPraglu This is a warning. Please stop that and also respond here.


i had the same problem whit the same guy hours later from enaun.
I was waiting >20min for him to let it free and nothing.

Hope your warning solve the problem ¡¡ Thnks Jascha

Hi, I apologise here. I was not AFK, but the NPC was completely full and I was waiting for reset to be able to sell some stuff. As there are two NPC I didn’t think this would be a problem, I am sorry.

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Miro, this behavior its totally unethical and its goes against the server’s rules. You can not block a vendor for your benefit

Enaun, you are right, I admit. Have you read what SrPato wrote in his note? According to him you did it too…

To close it, I won’t repeat it again.

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