Reporting ACP Griefing

Also by his own admission he is repeatedly spawning into a combat area over and over. This is clearly considered ammo draining and drawing auto turrets away from the enemy craft which is against the rules.

Please do something about this obvious ammo draining.

I have every right to report something I ‘think’ is being done wrong, so there’s that. Plus I have to spawn back in to try and escape the area, which you clearly didn’t let me do. When I logged back in you weren’t engaged in a PvP fight, you had three of your ships all facing inward on my downed aircraft (which was no threat) and the area I would have spawned back into. I should be able to try and spawn back in and get back to my ship that may or may not be fine and get away, or get back into the fight. I disconnected; therefore, I have no idea where my ship is, or where I’d log back in.

I like how you take the situation and turn it around on me as if I’m the one breaking the rules. We can state our opinions all day and that’s fine. It’s a free country. I’ll state facts though. The fact is that 100% of the time I’ve ever engaged you I’ve been disconnected. The fact is I’ve never been disconnected when I’ve engaged in a PvP fight with anyone else. Just earlier in the day I had encounters with other aircraft in the asteroid belts and on planets with no issues at all. Coincidental? Irony? I don’t know, that’s why I’ve asked the admins to look in on this.

Now let’s define the difference between facts and speculation here. Those as I’ve stated above are facts. I do only disconnect from the server when I’m near you guys. Speculation is since, you guys donate so much money to the admins, that some things are “overlooked” or “swept under the rug.” You see the difference between what someone thinks is happening versus what is actually happening?

If I flew a ship into battle with you guys and I whole hardheartedly lost the fight legitimately then I wouldn’t be posting these kinds of forum post. Unfortunately, I don’t think you guys are capable of having a fair fight. Your clan has been known to cheat, hack, exploit (whatever you want to call it) in the past. If you done this sort of behavior before, then you’re more than likely going to do it again. I don’t lose ships in a fair fight to you guys. I never have. Every ship (and I mean every ship) I’ve ever lost to you was from a disconnect from the playfield. I don’t think you guys get disconnected at the same time either, because if you did… Your ship would be floating in the air when we both logged back in like mine. You would be falling to the ground with your jetpack and trying to bring down your ship with the registry just like I do. None of that happens. What does happen is you guys are surrounded around my vehicle, which is mostly destroyed at this point. If you got disconnected like everyone else as you said, then this would be now would it.

Lastly, I’m not a self proclaimed genius as you all pretend to be when it come to knowing everything. I do not know how to access or provide the in game logs to these forums. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have access to HWS NA Server logs and/or replays.

Why did you not choose these other 3 options?

  1. Home Spawn, 2. Med Chamber Spawn or 3. Fresh Start.

At least one of those would have been a valid option for you. There is no rule against killing someone who keeps spawning in the area they just died. If you cannot safely respawn in the area it is your responsibility to leave, not the person who killed you.

Ranzeth maybe you missed the point. You should go back and read. THREE of your ships disengaged from the fight that you claimed to be in. Those THREE ships came over to the location where my ship went down and where I would have spawned back in an surrounded the area, all nose inwards waiting on me to spawn back in to try and get my ship. I wasn’t spawning in “IN” this so called engagement area. You weren’t pointed away from me when I logged back in as if you were shooting someone else. You were pointed at me and my ship, which was idle and no threat to your ships. In other words, you wouldn’t have gone over to the area where my crashed ship was if you didn’t consciously chose to sit there and wait on me to spawn back in. So what if an enemy ship is down to your flank or even to your rear if it’s obviously dead in the water with only fixed weapons on it that aren’t firing at you. My ship didn’t have turrets on it, so you weren’t receiving any fire.

Now you’re telling me that you broke engagement from the ships that were actually shooting at you to come over and surround my ship claiming that that is the new “unsafe area.” You admit that. For whatever reason, my CV “home spawn” wasn’t a valid option even though I know it was checked as a home spawn (it always is). I don’t know why that would work, but obviously it was my first choice, because I have another SV there I can come back with. Spawn at the nearest med chamber would spawn me into the Alien POI (see the General Chat on HWS discord yesterday where I posted the picture of it). So my only option was to spawn into the nearest area, an area where I DON’T KNOW WHERE MY SHIP WENT DOWN and try to escape and evade.

I’m still waiting on that Homeworld tackling video.

All OP4 does is deflect issues. Please, stop with the “hacking” and “disconnecting” and “lagswitching” accusations. They’re getting old.

I don’t have the video, so I’m not sure why you’re directing this towards me. Besides the last time one of us posted evidence of you exploiting, we got permanently banned. Shows how biased this could potentially be.

ACP Papa Bear
ACP Hairy Ballsack
ACP Blitz Bear 1
ACP Blitz Bear 2
ACP Grrrrrr
Div Merkava

Don’t forget ACP Falcon - tully in that list

Don’t forget you screamed “ammo draining” when I re-spawned three times at the base of an ACP tower.

Don’t be a hypocrite, and stop wasting server staff time. Have a little dignity. It’s Christmas eve.

Good fight and happy holidays.

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You still haven’t answered the question. Why were you spawning over and over again where you died when you had 3 other options? If I recall this moment clearly, you were behind enemy lines on a pvp playfield. You had 3 options to spawn to a safe spot so why didn’t you?

What you are missing here, is that it’s not illegal to destroy an enemies downed vessel. It is not illegal to kill an enemy running on foot behind enemy lines. It becomes griefing if you are in an area on foot, far away from PvP combat and we are just swarming you.

You were not far away from PvP, you were behind enemy lines, and there were 3 enemies within 400 - 500 metres from us at the time.

So again, why did you choose to spawn in the middle of a bunch of HVs over and over again draining our ammo? You have other safe spawn options, and we have no obligation to let you run around behind enemy lines on foot.

I never said that, nor do I know of the event you’re speaking of. If you don’t have factual complaining to do, then don’t bother putting words in my mouth. I only reported what I saw, during the brief split seconds of me logging trying to get the names of who it was “grieving” me, I did not see ACP Falcon. I am not going to throw anyone’s name in here I did not see.

In a different point of view, do you guys think that my sole purpose is to get after you guys? Do you think I’d rather spend my time away from playing and enjoying the game trying to find ways to get rid of you? NO! I like opposition when it’s fair. I don’t mind dying or losing in a PvP fight when it’s fair. If the situation(s) weren’t so coincidental with all that’s happened every single time I came near you then we wouldn’t be here posting these types of forum posts. I’d rather play the game than deal with whatever you guys are doing/hiding.

Do you read at all? Scroll up. I explained why I didn’t have 3 other options. Don’t tell me what options I had on my screen, because you don’t know.

You are the only one screaming lag ships/disconnects/etc… If any of your ‘lag’ ship accusations were true than TCO/PKA and other Op4 members would have experienced it as well. Fact is, it’s an alpha game and if you got shot out from your cockpit right at the beginning of a fight it’s probably because your ship had not full rendered yet.

You ALWAYS have Fresh Start. Always.

I was the operator driver for the HV “Papa bear” and claim the kill for this post. Proof is in my HWS Log file.

24 04:18 Kill Got 5 extra RP for killing lilkountree

I did rush in to protect a fellow teammate who was looting the backpack and or cargo boxes of the vehicle this OP4 member was flying.

I am prepared to present my HV for inspection at any time. It had been in battle all evening and repaired and healed by our Base multiple times prior to this specific engagement. If my HV is found to be in violation of any specific rule or build-code, then I will succumb to the punishment set forth by the administrators of this server.

Should my HV be found to be in compliance with current rules, then please remove this post/request for help from the forum history as it is defaming of our faction, incorrectly posted without proof, and a blatant disregard for the rules of Empyrion Battle.

You lost, you failed to spawn in a “safe are,” and you were warned by the game prior to it spawning your character in the combat area that was in fact “Unsafe.”

I await the response of the administrators in good conscience the right thing will be done. …punish those who are in violation of any rules whatsoever.


Admins please lock this drama it is not constructive

We have the right to loot your backpack and ship after we kill you. You don’t have the right to continue to spawn in over and over to ammo drain us.

I am really concerned with your veiled accusations of RexXus and Jascha as you’ve stated several times that ACP and others are buying them off. I would really hope you aren’t accusing them of cheating for money on their own server.

I agree with Squirrel, this should be locked. TAW was brought into this unjustly and accused of this with no proof. We weren’t even in that particular fight. Smear campaigns like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Also accusing the server owners of paid favoritism should be totally against the rules.

This is the last time I will post here. As the representative of TAW and the only one to have posted here I will submit any of our ships for you inspection. After they are found to be legit I would ask this baseless dribble be deleted as its just here to smear us because we have chosen to ally with ACP and our enemies are poor sports.

welll i was there and what threat was he to you with nothing on him < you guys claim to be protecting your team, From what a unarmed player , realllllllyyyy ? you must be more scared of a unarmed Op4 member than i thought.and it doesnt take 3 mins to take the backpack contents. it takes roughly less than 30 seconds probably less. so i would also call griefing aswell and as for the lag -everytime i go near your base i lag out, no where else do i get the lag i get from your guys base on gg , so something is up with your base < it could be to many tall towers i dont know, and no i do not have a crap computer or internet

i7 7700k
32 gigs ripjaw gskill dual 1070 Ti’s in sli
etc etc etc etc

with a fibre internet ie 1 gig down 500mb up

We all use quantum computers so we dont lag out thats our secret


You forget we are also coring and taking the ship which takes less than 30 seconds. Nice try though.

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Good Morning,

I’ve spent a quite amount of time in crawling the logs for both parties.

First the “lag / grief” accusation:

I checked their base and ships; even a short but bursted amount of taking all the fire power from them via godmode and I did not have a single disconnect. The structures in question neither caused a disconnect for me nor are they built illegally with turrets for example.

My part for that claim is done now and I would need a proper video of showing your accusation.

However technically the fix from the dev that only 200 entities (dropped ore) are now allowed on a planet were not implemented at that time. So maybe you lost disconnect because someone drilled somewhere the resource crust or your PC couldn’t handle the fight.

The other way round and ammo draining:

I couldn’t find the ammo draining part in the logs. Maybe because it wasn’t near a base or not registered properly. No log proof provided either.

So overall a lot of time spent here (instead of breakfast with my gf btw) and no rule got touched with a proper rule except one

I will leave it as a final warning here to proof your accusations before calling for admins!

I tried to be as obvious neutral as possible but if I hear any single “donator benefit” bullshit again, I will react in a different way.

Since my action was the last requested step I’ll lock it.
Open another ticket with proofs if relevant.