Reputation again

Hi, yeah reputation again, I know I might be pain in the ass with this, sorry for that :slight_smile:
I would like to see it all working so i hope this will help.
Tried to get Freelancer rep by holding Pentax and laser rifle for few days now. Fulgrim did some testing like having it in inventory or handslots, I did the same.
I ended with having laser rifle and pentax in both still no gain.

In all cases I got message on EU i have no minigun and gold. Clearly im not recognised as “spending night” on Sanctuary.

Now without any hostile bacground, im just saying this to make point (and because im bitter a bit :slight_smile: . @RexXxuS I fully understand that reputation rollback thats ok, but will there be also some rollforward for this “I should have that reputation many times by now” ? It should roll both sides. Really just saying I know it all needs time, but some info if its on the list would help, you know some tryhards like me and Angel tries hardly. For now ill be spending night on EU as there im recognised. I love supply tiers, it got me into reputation for the first time it since introduction, its good feature.

Warping definetly works everywhere without any issues thats tested really well by now. Fingers crossed with fixing this, or maybe its easier to just leave it for server where we started but we need to know.

No problem @Elfias but I think your problem is the lacking understanding how CSW works!?

After spending some time I found this:

and then this:


So what that means is: you had at the 8:50AM faction bonus check NO epic weapon in your inventory on EU. Therefore you don’t get RP for couple of things.
Because you warped yesterday 29.10. away from EU and only came back today 13:36 PM - too late for the faction bonus check.

Why no inventory?

Because your inventory is completely empty on the server you warp away and is fully transfered to the other server.

Remember from the CSW page:

That is all the mystery is coming from.

And yes, if we would see real bugs on our end we give RP back but that is just how it works and I hope you understand better now.

So im not able to get bonus as freelancer on San? If thats checked 8:50 i had pentax and laser rifle with me.
Its starting to be really confusing now, It checks only EU inventory or what? Im jumping there to get at least 7RP instead of 6RP.
Is it same with visit ECC for 1 RP on NA?
Rexxx problem is that im trying to collect all rep possible on all 3 servers.
Kills on EU as lawless (this is crispy as its liek impossible thats why ppl kill each other), on NA and San warp jump 5RP, tried Alliance on NA but that was 1 RP rest didnt work.

That package is definetly not worth all of this :smiley: Thanks for your time, i dont have a clue whats this all about anyway.
So far what works for me is reseting character, get Be the first mission containers, do Mules, Ziraxes and probably reset again…

Well, good luck on that - you can’t be online on all three servers with the same account. :stuck_out_tongue:

On Sanctuary you get your stuff, like today:


But if you warp away from the server you won’t get it.
It’s easy actually.

Yeah so it works like i think but i go to san for night to get 7rp freelance instead of 6rp lawless on eu. I know only one can be gathered, or think so. Thats why i go for larrgest one to San, let me check again what i have in player log.

Ok so in player log so far since like 25th i dont have anything like gained 7RP for having Laser rifle and pentax. While im there every night i would say, all i ahve is no bonus on EU, why it even checks EU when im sleeping at Sanctuary with rifle and pentax under pillow.

THis is what i dont get thats why i complain its bugged. Even if it checks like start and end at 8:50 im usually there with required items.

OK so

This means i have to be on San from 8:50 mornign to 8:50 other morning? And who the hell will pick up interest on EU and NA?

You describe it quite confusing, hehe. Let me try again mate.

You are Elfias with different Origins on

For example if you want your faction bonus on EU, you need the Enhanced Minigun + 999 Gold ingots in your inventory.
If you want your faction bonus on SAN, you need the Enhanced Laser Rifle + 300 refined Pentaxid in your inventory.

That is needed on each server at 8:50-9:05AM every day.
BUT, you an only have this inventory on ONE of these servers every day, because CSW takes your inventory with you.
If you had this inventory before and jumped around that does not matter… All what matters is the time 8:50-9:05.

That is something completely different. This feature works like a zone trigger signal. IF you visited the zones on each server each day, you get the interest on all servers every day since it “stores” your visit and give you the interest as soon as you are there again.

All of that is written in our updated Guide mate:

But if you still have some (language) problems, I probably can help you.

Im on Sanc every day with rifle and pentax at 8:50 still no bonus. Rexxx dont bother, that package is good only if its reached fast which is not possible and its a trap as Angel said :). Thanks in any case for time spent on this.

Yeah, now it becomes a bit of waste of time because you maybe don’t understand me or how things working…

You are NOT every day on Sanctuary at 8:50!

For example yesterday as you didn’t get your package:

You warped at 28.10. away and came only on 29.10. afternoon back to Sanctuary.

Your inventory was empty on 8:50 - 29.10.!

Everything is correct mate but playing on 3 servers is maybe complicated, so please make sure where and when you warp exactly to.