Request for Extenstion of PF wipe

A lot of people can’t log-in or can’t log-in long enough to move ships.

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well we have time… but still… not looking good…

Rex doesn’t want the New Players to Die from server / game bugs , He wants us all to kill each other :slight_smile:

Let’s hope he will see this post b4 it’s tooooooooo late

Was just about to report and request the same thing:

Can’t log on.

Can’t move stuff off of Earth.

Petulantly Request extension of PF wipe schedule.

Also request Rex’s mobile #. :smiley: :wink:

Yeah… very much this please!

Bump ; just cause , something about new people need stuffs

and we need them to have stuff so we can pew pew stuff

I hope servers don’t get wiped or they can be reverted to a previous backup because I have 3 cvs in milky way orbit I haven’t been able to move for the past 8 hours due to server issues! Please no wipe :stuck_out_tongue: