Request for Server IP and Port for Direct Connect

Is there anyway you wonderful admins can post server IP and port for the option to direct connect. Or maybe make a more detailed page for server info, TS info, forum/webpages, etc. Just a suggestion. Ive spoke to a few people here in the community both admins and players and there isn’t a easy to find page with all this info in one place. Just a suggestion to make this awesome community a little more accessible to the masses who have yet to discover our little world. Please feel free to comment with suggestions or concerns. Thanks everyone in advance for your inputs.

I propose Rex assign a community manager who should handle the forums, steam page, etc… and help ease the load of distributing that information. Also would help to consolidate the info too.

Would be willing to help with that stuff. but that’s not my decision or my place to say. having someone here to help the community with questions/concerns and answering them in a timely manner is never a bad thing. if anything it would strengthen both the forums and the community as a whole. events would be more organized because more people would come here for updated content on the regular. If Rex or Jas would wish to pursue having a community manager / moderators. I wouldn’t mind doing forum work here but steam forums are a different story. I already have a pretty open schedule as is.