Request: market tools

Nothing wrong. Just a request for a feature or permission to make my own.

Market tools
See volume of sales(density of market)
Sales totals(daily, weekly…)
To aid players in finding what to sell effectively.

Maybe add it as a patron level to encourage people to help support for that feature.

I would donate money for this! Anything to helpe better decisions for us aspiring traders


I can’t scrape the market page as it’s behind a steam login which I am unable to authenticate with in Linux bash. Not a pro. I’m a tinkerer. :slight_smile:

like this?

yes but with current information and more details. would be nice to know top selling items rather than top sellers.

thats a great idea! at my level of patreon. dunno if its the same for the other levels i can see minimum and max prices the market sells each individual item for. ill log in and show a screenshot

im patreon level meta so i have all the goodies so to speak. its a great tool for the market

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when I get my lazy ass back into coding I’ll add this and some more market reports :see_no_evil:


That’s price over time right? I need volume over time too